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Think Circular
Think Sustainable

Innovative Quality

TPBI Public Company Limited  has been the leading producer and exporter of All in One packaging solutions in Thailand . Including International standard production, We are ready to lead packaging move towards the sustainability

As the leader, we have put our responsibility to design and improve packaging to be eco- friendly during production and respond to consumer’s requirement .

We allocate our products in 4 categories

Consumables flag Consumables : Plastic bag packaging from recycled and virgin plastics as for example; garbage bags, T - shirt bags, Piping bags for well known retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls and the common consumer.

Flexibles flag Flexibles : Showcases our advanced technology in High – Class Multilayer Blown Film. Furthermore, we also manufacture flexible packaging which is produced by our subsidiary company T . A . K . packaging, which is specialized in high food safety standards .

Paper flag Paper produces Paper Cups, Paper Bowls, and Bakery ‘s paper bags for the international food market and paper bag used in department stores and shopping malls.

Green and Innovation flag Green & Innovation : Eco - friendly products and other packaging solutions such as paper cup, paper bowl and Bio degradable bag.

With employees and facilities cover area in Thailand, Myanmar, Australia and the United Kingdom.

We believe that together as a society we can turn product consumption green and together we can close the loop and archive a fully functional circular economy .

TPBI Story

For the last 30 years, TPBI has been the leading producer and exporter of All in One packaging solutions in Thailand .

We started as a small local family factory and have turned into an international leading plastic manufacturer .

With our team ’ s innovative spirit, we are ready to take Packaging a giant leap forward into a sustainable future .


TPBI Story

When we all work together, plastic will no longer be the "villain".

TPBI's commitment to doing business aims to create sustainability for the world and the environment through the circular economy approach. So that we can pass on a beautiful and responsible world to the next generation.