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'The culpability lies with plastic'

Based on the 2021 Solid Waste Situation Report from the Pollution Control Department, it was determined that the country generated a total of 24.98 million tons of solid waste. Among this waste, single-use plastic items such as thin plastic bags with handles, Styrofoam food containers, plastic straws, and thin drinking glasses accounted for a significant portion.

Totaling 7.89 million tons. An additional 9.28 million tons of waste were effectively separated and reused within the waste disposal system, while over 7.81 million tons were improperly disposed of or found their way into the environment. This substantial amount of waste poses a pressing environmental concern (as per the Report on Thailand's Pollution Situation).

Presently, Thailand still lacks an effective waste separation system, which contributes significantly to the persistence of plastic waste in the environment. Therefore, promoting efficient waste separation methods and fostering consumer awareness and understanding of waste separation for reuse is paramount in addressing the plastic waste issue.


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    WON Project aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Target 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption) and Target 13 (Climate Action), while embracing the concept of the circular economy (CE). This entails optimizing resource utilization and maximizing benefits in a cost-effective manner.

    WON Project utilizes its primary communication platform on the "WONTOGETHER" Facebook fan page, boasting over 30,000 followers. It disseminates information and knowledge on waste management, waste separation, various types of packaging, and environmental issues to raise consumer awareness and encourage shifts in consumption behavior.

    WON project accepts

    soft, dry, and clean

    plastic bags and films, characterized by their stretchability, a common feature of polyethylene (PE) plastic. A simple test involves using your fingers to stretch the plastic bags and films. If they can be stretched without tearing or becoming brittle, they are suitable for the recycling process. This includes items such as handle bags, shopping bags, product wrapping film (e.g., tissues, sanitary napkins, and baby diapers), water bottle wrapping film, milk carton packaging film, shockproof plastic, postal envelopes, Ziplock bags, medicine packets, ice bags, bread bags, sugar bags, fruit and vegetable bags, among others.

    Items with stickers or paper should have these removed before submission.

    The project then processes these stretchable plastic films and bags through mechanical recycling, transforming them into recycled plastic pellets (Post Consumer Recycle: PCR) that can serve as raw materials in future production processes. This approach not only promotes sustainability but also mitigates the plastic waste issue. Each kilogram of high-quality stretchable plastic films and bags donated is valued at 5 baht, and the project collects these funds for donation to environmental and public benefit organizations.

    Plastic Bag to Recycled Product

    Seek a deeper understanding of the "Won Project."

    WON project’s drop points are located  over 400 locations throughout Thailand.

    Over the span of more than 5 years, we have engaged in strategic collaborations with diverse networks and partners, including governmental entities, independent organizations, and numerous private agencies. This concerted effort has been dedicated to the expansion of our drop-off locations, specifically targeting the collection of dry and clean bags as well as stretch plastic films for recycling.

    Currently, WON Project has established a substantial network of over 400 drop-off points for bags and stretch plastic film, strategically positioned throughout Thailand. The majority of these locations are strategically situated within Bangkok and its surrounding areas, while arrangements can also be made for the collection and delivery of these materials to the address provided below.

    "WON project" TPBI Public Company Limited 42/174 Moo 5, Soi Srisatian Niwes, Raiking, Sampran, Nakhon Pathom 73210, Thailand. Tel. 02 429 0354.

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